Playa Mal Pas Beach Benidorm | Benidorm Beaches

Playa Mal Pas Beach Benidorm | Benidorm Beaches

Mal Pas Beach Benidorm: This stunning beach “Mal Pas” is a small and cute cove situated between the Levante and Poniente beaches.

It is 75metres wide and 120metres long and if you love a beach day, a day here is a must on your Benidorm holiday.

It’s north facing feature is la Punta Canfali and it is a well known viewpoint like “Balcón del Mediterráneo” (Balcony to the Mediterranean).

You can access the beach by steps or in the beautiful south area where the marina is located here, you will find another entrance.

The Old Town of Benidorm is easy to access on foot by both the New Town and Poniente area.

It is surrounded by beautiful tall palm trees which give a touch of character and that authentic Spanish feel.

If you find yourself lost on the way to Mal Pas Beach, just stop someone and they will point you in the right direction.

It's fine sand, clear water, great disability access and much more services are available, despite the difference in size with the two enormous neighbouring beaches.

Mal Pas Beach Benidorm

They are both amazing, but of course, not as good as Mal Pas!

Just in front, looking towards the sea you can catch sight of the island of Benidorm, also known as Peacock Island.

Here, you get a wonderful sensation along with beautiful views which turn it into an ideal place to take photographs!

The main characteristic of the Mal Pas Coves is thanks to it´s reconditioned site which prevents large waves and mist from spraying, this is of course more noticeable on a wild and windy day.

A perfect beach for families, relaxation and if you catch good weather out of the high season you can almost enjoy the beach to yourself!

Playa Mal Pas Beach Benidorm Old Town

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