Holidays to Lisbon Portugal | Flight & Hotel Packages!

Holidays to Lisbon Portugal | Flight & Hotel Packages!

Lisbon is one of the best holiday spots in Portugal.

It is the capital of Portugal and is filled with shades of black and white giving a rich appearance to the city. 

The setup of the city is boasting in its natural power.

It has seven hills on one side and a river on the other side. 

Nature blends so evenly into the power of modern structures in Lisbon. 

The best street cafes in pedestrian zones and top quality offering of hotels add a weighted advantage to the city. 

Apart from being a top-notch holiday spot in Portugal, it has also attracted excellent tourism due to the famous bridge across the River Tagus, which has connected Lisbon to a global economy.

The city is filled with palatial architectural buildings that are renovated often to polish the ancient history. 

The magnificent churches speak of the ethnic variations of the region. 

Lisbon also hosts a great range of museums portraying the richness of the ancient structures in Lisbon. 


The museum speaks about Lisbon culture, the famous architects, and the modern contemporary styles that have grown quite recently in Lisbon. 

Some of the famous museums that deal with the modern and contemporary art structures are the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. 

Other museums that deal with archaeological facts and wonders are the Carmo Archaeological Museum and the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum.

Apart from the cultural and ancient attractions, the city also boasts to have a range of good pubs, bars, restaurants, and shopping centres. 

Traditional as well as modern music is played in all shopping malls and bars. Lisbon has other strange wonders and facts. 

Every feature of Lisbon speaks a story to our hearts. One such strange feature is that Lisbon streets are in black and white shades. 

Lisbon Holidays

The story behind this is that the colour black signifies Saint Vincent’s attire and the colour white signifies the Christian crusaders who vanquished the Moors. They wore white outfits.

The River Tagus basin is so lengthy that it stretches to nearly 14 km in Lisbon. 

It is said that almost all the warships of the world could harbour here. 

The Torre de Belem tower, which was built to safeguard this harbour, is now the best tourist attraction in Lisbon. 

The extensive collection that Lisbon hosts to showcase are so overwhelming that people who come to seek something in Lisbon never go home empty-handed and disappointed.

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