Las Palmas Taxi Price | Gran Canaria Taxi Prices

Las Palmas Taxi Price | Gran Canaria Taxi Prices

Knowing the average Las Palmas Taxi Price before you set off to Gran Canaria can help you budget your expenses that little bit better.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria is a hub of attractions, places of interest and is a pretty big place.

It’s fair to say that if you want to explore Las Palmas at some point you will end up in a taxi.

As always, be sure your Las Palmas taxi is from a reputable company.

This way you know you're fully insured and will get the correct route.

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Taxi Price

All prices are estimates, prices can vary due to public holidays, roadworks on the route and tolls.

3km: €4.29
6km: €6.21
9km: €8.13
12km: €10.05
15km: €11.97
18km: €13.89
21km: €15.81
24km: €17.72
27km: €16.95
30km: €21.57
33km: €23.49
36km: €19.01
39km: €27.33
42km: €29.25
45km: €31.17
48km: €33.09
51km: €35.01

The base rate for Las Palmas taxis (minimum fare) is approximately €2.73.

Las Palmas Taxi price for 1 hour waiting is approximately €11.73.

Prices will vary and subject to change.

Las Palmas Taxi Price

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