Book Lanzarote Villas & Apartments | Amazing Deals!

Book Lanzarote Villas & Apartments | Amazing Deals!

Book Lanzarote Villas & Apartments: Volcanoes and beaches.

The Canary Island of Lanzarote is best known for this twin tourist offering.

A successful recipe that helps the island attracts millions of holidaymakers every year.

Further assisted by year round sunshine and a four hour flight time from all of the major airports in the UK.

Making it both accessible and affordable all year round.

Best Lanzarote Resorts

Most visitors will find themselves staying in one of the three main resorts on the island; Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca.

All of which are well contained and offer plenty of modern amenities and facilities.

Along with high standards of accommodation.

Such as a large selection of Lanzarote villas, apartments and hotels.

The quality of villas in Lanzarote and also apartments in Lanzarote has always been maintained but increased competition has pushed current standards even higher in most cases.

Costa Teguise is the ideal location for anyone keen to explore Lanzarote’s main attractions.

As the resort is located in the north of the island in close proximity to these centres of culture and tourism.

Which are all within a fifteen minute drive.

Costa Teguise also offers plenty of good quality beaches – such as Playa Cucharas and Playa Bastian – and has an open and spacious feel.

Lanzarote Villas

Puerto del Carmen is located around twenty minutes along the coast from Costa Teguise.

In a slightly more sheltered position that creates better weather conditions during the winter months.

This is the oldest destination on the island – and offers plenty of good value apartment accommodation.

As well as some excellent – if man made – beaches. Created with the help of imported Saharan sand.

Playa Blanca is located right at the southern end of Lanzarote.

Just across the Bocaina Straits from the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura.

And is the most modern resort of the three – constructed during the 1990´s.

There’s a wide range of villa accommodation here – along with a large choice of five and four star hotels.

Many of which line the shoreline – creating great views for guests.

Cheap Lanzarote Villas Spain

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