Kavos Holidays – Corfu – Greece

Kavos Holidays - Corfu - Greece

Only 6km southeast of Lefkimi, lies Corfu's number one party resort of Kavos.

Whether you are a fan of 24-hour drinking, clubbing, bungee-jumping, go-karts or even karaoke bars, be prepared to satisfy your every taste in the stunning town on the southern part of Corfu, Kavos is the most lively of the island’s resorts.

The long, narrow beach is offering amazing views to the Greek mainland, a wide number of water sports is also available for the amateurs of the kind and not only professionals. 

The vast majority of businesses can be found packed along the main street, which runs parallel to the beach before bending seawards and onto a coastal parallel at the southern end.

A little while before striking midnight, Kavos becomes the centre of attention for all those seeking to experience unforgettable moments  with the help of the numerous bars and restaurants available.

Kavos exotic beauty and sandy beaches will take your breath away but at the same time the area’s historical and cultural value will amaze you. 

Here you will satisfy your hunger for colour and aroma, since the area is full of  the blue of the sky and the sea and also full of the area’s traditional tastes famous worldwide.

With a never-ending stretch of unbelievable terracotta sand, windsurfing and a number of water sports available with only a 20-minute drive to the west coast of the island.

Your choices are limitless when being in beautiful Kavos.


You will find many types of accommodation in Kavos for your holidays, suited both for the party goer and family holiday.

All-inclusive Kavos holidays, packages, self catering and self catering are among the most popular board options available here.

For those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle you will also find holiday villas away from the main tourist hot spots which are ideal for families.

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