Kapalai Island | A Floating Paradise | Malaysia

Kapalai Island | A Floating Paradise | Malaysia

An isolated island, together with very clear water surrounding, a beautiful sky above and a straightforward connection for the mainland – this is exactly what Kapalai is focused on.

The truth is, there will be significantly more to it than just this.

You might have a chance to identify the vast majority of above-mentioned somewhere significantly nearer to you.

The one thing you simply will not find stands out as the all round surroundings.

That’s genuinely unique and the thing that makes the vacation in Malaysia well worth it.

While still called an island, these days it is officially a sandbar.

200 years ago it was an exceptional diamond of the water though the deterioration procedure turned this into what it is today.

Make no mistake: Pulau Kapalai still is an attractive destination – in actual fact, even more delightful and unique as it was formerly.

Its history merely gives a bit of nostalgia, additionally boosting its elegance.

So, simply because this site is in the heart of the sea, I am sure you could have actually established specifically what the key traveller appeal is.

Kapalai Island

Scuba diving is a very prominent hobby among travellers here with good reason.

The azure water all around you, heaps of different distinctive varieties of fish to observe plus more which can just be seen in the vicinity of Pulau Kapalai.

This unique site is a real diamond, simply because of each of the beauties neighbouring it.

This is actually a location which allows you to get in touch with the great outdoors in one of its most beautiful varieties.

And do not feel bad in relation to not understanding how to scuba dive, as there are a wide range of courses to consider, for different skill sets, therefore you will unquestionably master this valuable sport very quickly.

It is possible to obtain PADI diving courses of instruction for various levels, which include evening diving.

The marine environment reveals a number of its mysteries only when the sun drops.

And the marine life living close by Kapalai is really unique that you can invest 12 months diving but struggle to notice all of them.

Also, travelling to this region is reasonably swift – 30 min’s by speedboat from the city of Semporna, during which you can loosen off and adore the sea.

Thus, if you are inside the vicinity, take a look at Pulau Kapalai – we ensure that you will never manage to find a thing like it on earth.

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