Kafee Klee Benidorm Old Town

Kafee Klee Benidorm Old Town

For those that have never visited Kafee Klee Benidorm before then you are missing out!

Those that have had the pleasure of spending an evening here will know what an awesome place this is.

Not just for comedy at it's finest but for a brilliant atmosphere and a great night, one to be remembered.

Located in the Old Town, you will find Kafee Klee on Calle Pal, in between the Pig n Whistle and the hotel Avenida.

I must stress that you need a sense of humour when visiting the Kafee Klee Benidorm, the comedy here will have you in stitches and can be pretty Blue!

When planning a visit to Kafee Klee Benidorm I do recommend arriving early for the shows as it does get busy and can only hold so many people.

The Klee has a good vibe to the place and with complimentary sandwiches on offer you know you are in good hands.

The comedy here is hilarious, offensive in a funny way and Blue in a good way, the acts get you involved and it feels like everyone is part of the show.

Kafee Klee Benidorm

Tina Gloss makes you feel very welcome here and you know once you have been you will already be planning your next trip back.

Providing the singing and comedy throughout the evening you will find Sheila Blige, Lexi Legs, James McDonald and Colin Campbell.

I have to say you normally find 1 or 2 standout acts in a line up but the Kafee Klee Benidorm has a whole night full of superstars.

Don't worry when you feel dehydrated from all the tears from crying with laughter the bar is very reasonable and has a good selection of local and international beers, wines and spirits to get you back up and laughing!

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