Jumping Jacks Benidorm | Benidorm New Town

Jumping Jacks Benidorm | Benidorm New Town

Set at the one end of the strip is Jumping Jacks Benidorm.

A great place to visit whilst on holiday in Benidorm.

With a huge terrace ideal for catching the sun all day and water sprinklers to cool you off it makes welcome pit stop in the heat of the day.

Jumping Jacks is child friendly and also caters for every age group.

The bar does attract large groups and with the abundance of cheap alcohol if you are with young children it may not be suitable.

Drinks are cheap as chips at Jumping Jacks Benidorm and are a good price for the area.

A pint of sangria will cost you a whole 2 Euros.

With it having an awesome sun terrace drinking all day in the sun does take it's toll so be sure to have the odd water to keep hydrated.

You can get food from the bar, with a range of quick bites like cheesy chips, burgers, toasties and pizza which helps wash down the drink.

Jumping Jacks Benidorm

There is normally live entertainment on at Jumping Jacks Benidorm through the holiday season but is down to demand and how busy it is.

You can watch live sports and at the side of Jacks is a more shaded area with a outdoor TV, also a handy spot for those with kids so you can keep an eye on them and away from the road.

From sipping sangria in the sun to a place to start the evening out in Benidorm, Jumping Jacks Benidorm caters for everyone.

A place most of have been many times and for those yet to visit it's well worth an afternoon in the sun without breaking the bank!

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