Jail Rock Bar Benidorm | Benidorm New Town

Jail Rock Bar Benidorm | Benidorm New Town

The Jail Rock Bar Benidorm is one of those places you really forward going to.

You know you will have a good night with some of Benidorms best performers strutting their stuff on stage.

Located on the Strip in the New Town if you are a music lover or looking for a place to go and have a fun night then the Jail Rock delivers just that.

It would be impossible to update all the acts daily so I recommend giving them a follow on Facebook as they release all the acts and times daily also when in the resort they will have the boards outside for the evenings entertainment.

For those who have been to the Jail Rock Benidorm will probably know of the legendary Carnaby Street who are the headliners here ( normally 12-2 slot )

Even for people like myself who are not disco dancing singalongers they get you up and enjoying the night which not many places can do.

The Jail Rock Benidorm is a dedicated music venue which makes it stand out from the many other bars on the strip giving that something extra to Benidorm.

Jail Rock Bar Benidorm

It does get busy in the Jail Rock Benidorm so if you are planning on spending the evening here it may be worth getting in early to get some good seats for the night.

Drink prices are a little dearer than most bars on the strip.

This is down to that it is free entry and they have a host of awesome staff and artists to pay for the entertainment provided.

Don’t let that put you off as you could spend 2 Euros for a beer in one place which is empty and dull or pay that little extra for a entertaining memorable night!

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