Ibiza Holidays | Best Holiday Guide to Ibiza

Ibiza Holidays | Best Holiday Guide to Ibiza

Ibiza, or Eivissa, as the locals call their island, gets only one-fifth as many tourists as Mallorca does. 

That’s probably just as well, given the compactness of the island and the energy level of its visitors. 

Ibiza has been a haven for hippies and rock stars since the 1960s, and today it reigns as the rave and party capital of Southern Europe.

The port town of Ciutat d’Eivissa (Ibiza City) is a convenient place to begin your sightseeing or immerse yourself in British and German club culture. 

It’s a short trip from the ciutat to the beach at Figueretes; other nearby beaches include Ses Salines and the nudist beach at Es Cavallet. 

A few miles away, on the western coast of the island, the high-rise hotels of Sant Antoni de Portmany cater to package tourists in search of sun, drink, and fun.

If the beach and club scene begins to pale, head for Santa Eulalia or Ibiza’s quiet villages in the interior and along the northern coast.

Boat rides are another option; check with the tourist office for schedules.


Nightlife on the Island

Although the island has many family friendly areas, the amazing Old Town, it is the nightlife that has made Ibiza so popular.

World renowned DJs, mega clubs and pool parties make this a haven for the party goer.

You don’t have to be in with the clubbing crew to enjoy the nightlife here though, there are hundreds of bars, local, fun pubs and boutique chic night spots to escape the madness away from the large clubs.

Formentera: Ibiza’s Offshore Retreat

It’s only a four-mile trip across the water to Formentera, a bucolic island shared by farmers and youthful tourists. 

Ibiza Package Holidays

Swimming and sunbathing are the main attractions, with an increasing number of day-trippers joining the holidaymakers who have booked accommodation in the limited number of hostels. 

The island is small and flat, so rent a bike or moped and explore the many unspoiled beaches.

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