How to Protect my Gadgets when Backpacking

How to Protect my Gadgets when Backpacking

How to Protect my Gadgets when Backpacking: Backpacking has always been a cheap form of travel.

Instead of taking aeroplanes to go from one city to the next, backpackers hike, ride buses and trains, which are an affordable means to travel.

For backpackers, they do not need the allure of five-star hotels, as they stay in hostels where they meet fellow backpackers, which makes the trip more fun.

Because they save on hotels and transportation, hikers on backpacking trips can go to more places and visit a lot of nature spots with their limited budget.

Because we live in the digital age, backpackers also bring with them their gadgets like their iPhones, tablet PCs, android phones and the like as their travelling tools and their way of communication, while they enjoy their trip for as long as their budget allows.

Because of this, it is important for backpackers to know how to properly take care of these gadgets while they are on the trail.

Here are a few tips how to gadgets safe when backpacking

1. Keep your gadgets as close to you as possible.

Since backpackers usually stay in hostels when not camping they share a common room, lounge and the like, it is important that they be mindful of their belongings.

They should always keep their things close to them and never leave them unattended.

When spending a night on a bus or train, get a protective strap that you can connect to your gadget and your arm to avoid theft while you sleep.

2. Buy protective casing and bags for your gadgets.

Since backpackers are always on the go, their things are prone to damage as they move from one bus to the next, from one city to another.

That is why when going on a backpacking trip, make sure that you purchase protective cases and bags for your equipment that come with shockproof features to protect your things from damage caused by accidents as you go around and visit places.

How to Protect my Gadgets when Backpacking
3. Get gadget insurance.

Since laptops, cameras, tablet PCs and the like are not cheap, it will be wise to get insurance for these.

Gadget insurance covers your digital stuff like your camera, laptop, smartphones by taking care of the expenses in case of theft, damage, and the like.

4. Connect only to secure connections.

Wi-Fi is almost available everywhere we go.

Don’t be duped; backpackers should not only protect their devices from physical theft and damage but from cyber threats that loom on the internet also.

Always remember to connect only to secure networks.

5. Keep your virus software and patches up-to-date.

Before leaving for your hiking trip, make sure that the OS, firewall, anti-virus, of your laptop, tablet PCs, mobile phones are updated so you will be sure that you have the latest tools to protect you from any spyware, adware and malware.

Have you experienced any of the above or have any tips to help others?

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