How to Get Cheap Holidays! Get Best Deals!

How to Get Cheap Holidays! Get Best Deals!

How to get cheap holidays is not as difficult as many people think, a bit of time and you will be amazed how much you can save on your holiday.

With the rise of the online travel agent over the years we now have access to more cheap flights, hotels and destinations than ever before.

Although we all want the best deal, it is worth pointing out that getting a good holiday deal and a bad deal are two separate things.

Research is key to booking any holiday, if it’s too good to be true then it normally is so we advise if you find a holiday at an unbelievable price, do your homework!

How to Get Cheaper Holidays? The Basics!

When you first start looking for a cheap holiday deal it’s worth just going on a few travel websites and see what the ballpark costs are thus giving you a starting price.

Once you have your destination, dates and a price to work with we can really start shopping around and see if we can get the holiday cheaper.

One thing to factor in is ATOL and ABTA protection, this is standard on any package holiday and a must.

If you build your own holiday you need to see what protection you have in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

How to Get Cheap Holidays

Dates play a huge part in how much your holiday will cost, school holidays being one of the most expensive times to book any holiday.

Start Getting the Price Down on your Holiday

We have to remember that travel agents buy the hotel rooms and flights around a year before hand.

It’s in their best interest to get rid of them or they lose money, hence why last minute deals are so cheap.

Try and be as flexible on your dates as possible, even if its by a few days each side of the original dates you have chosen.

For those that are flexible on dates, leaving it till around 4-8 weeks is the best time as you have the last minute and cancellation holidays to take advantage off.

Where you have to stick to the dates, travel search engines are some of the best places to get the price cheaper for your holiday.

Two of the most popular are OnTheBeach and Icelolly, both generating the lowest price available at the time you are online.

From here you will find other 3rd party travel agents with the same holiday you originally looked for, giving you more price options.

Along with using these travel search engines you can add or take off extras like luggage and transfers.

This saves so much money as if you book a package holiday you have to take the price set for these extras.

Travel search engines have the same transfers and luggage allowance at much cheaper prices.

If its a summer holiday you only have dates for the last 2 weeks are always the cheapest.

Once you have your dates, destination and finally got the lowest price for your holiday, it’s time to turn on the charm!

Most of the major travel agents will price match, shave a bit off or throw in a few extras.

Remember the tour operators need to sell these holidays, it’s not like that jumper from Marks & Spencer which you can take back if you don’t like it.

Get on the phone direct to them, let them do the haggling and don’t be worried about ringing them back a few times once you have started ringing other travel agents.

We hope you can get a deal for your holiday, if you have any tips it would be great to hear them in the comments section below!

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