Historic Sites in Benidorm | Benidorm Sightseeing

Historic Sites in Benidorm | Benidorm Sightseeing

Historic Sites in Benidorm: The monuments that are still in Benidorm say a lot about the history of this great holiday destination and are a great addition for sightseeing on your trip to Benidorm.

The Punta del Cavall Tower

This is a large tower that is very well preserved and is now a major tourist attraction in Benidorm.

In the 16th century it was created for the surveillance and defense of the invasion of pirates who were approaching the Mediterranean Sea at that time at the time of King Felipe II.

The Morales Tower

This tower was built in the 18th century and is located in Cabo de la Escaleta.

This construction was also created in order to watch over the area and protect it from pirates and is currently the only example of the architecture of the time found on the island.

Tossal de Pollop

This is an archaeological zone also known as Tossal de la Cala and is located at the end of Poniente Beach.

Historic Sites in Benidorm

Here you will find valuable historical material from the 3rd century BC, which makes this area a very privileged and protected place.

Specifically, barter or commercial exchanges were carried out with Greek and Roman colonizers of that time.

Placa del Castell

Quite easily one of the most well known places of history in Benidorm and even a recent archaeological dig was undertaken here.

Offering amazing views over Benidorm the Placa del Castell is steeped in history and although many renovations have been made over the years it's easy to see why this was a prominent military position in years gone by.

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