A Sweet Trip to Hershey Pennsylvania | USA Holidays

A Sweet Trip to Hershey Pennsylvania | USA Holidays

A Sweet Trip to Hershey Pennsylvania: Known as the sweetest place on earth, Hershey, Pennsylvania, provides all that a chocolate lover might wish to indulge in.

Despite having the chocolate factory moving to the town’s outskirts, the place is filled with the aroma of chocolate, which has grown to be an important part of just about every activity and event in the town.

More than a hundred years after the city was built by chocolate, Hershey houses a number of chocolate themed parks, gardens, museums, theatres, hotels, resorts, eateries as well as clubs, which makes it an ideal chocolate lover’s haven.

Hershey, for the Chocoholic in You

A released news story in the LA times has listed the must-do activities for chocolate lovers checking out Hershey.

From walk-in chocolate shops to museums, there’s lots of tourist destinations that can’t be forgotten by sightseers.

To begin with, you can visit the Hershey Story museum at the Chocolate lab and go on a historical journey of Hershey the man with hands-on demonstrations.

You could also learn and enjoy making chocolate at the Make Your Own Candy Bar centre of the Chocolate World in the Hershey’s visitors’ centre.

Additionally, travellers to Hershey can become chocolate connoisseurs by enrolling in the chocolate-tasting classes at the Chocolate World.

An additional site of interest to indulge your senses with chocolate is the Hershey Gardens that’s spread over 23 acres of land and has a variety of flora with chocolate smells, colours and names.

However the hottest attraction in Hershey is the Hersheypark, where you can have a good time and click photographs with the walk-around candy bar characters.

Another thing you will enjoy at the Hersheypark is Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge, which is an interactive peanut butter cup themed ride where chocolate lovers and peanut butter lovers shoot targets at one another.


The Observation tower is yet another thing to make sure you see at Hersheypark.

Additionally, chocoholics may also indulge their taste buds in Hershey Hotel’s mouth watering food and desserts, and chill out with the sweet smell of chocolate at the Hotel’s Chocolate Spa.

Eat and Sleep in Hershey

Hershey has sufficient accommodation selections for all types of travellers.

Apart from the Hotel Hershey that features a range of fascinating activities, the bluegreen corporation Suites at Hershey is also an option if you love activities like golf, hiking, tennis etc while enjoying the chocolate and the comfy and luxurious stay in the sweetest town in the USA.

Other Attractions in Hershey

Aside from chocolate-filled fun, visitors to Hershey can also visit the Hershey Theatre, which is the area’s primary arts centre for Broadway shows.

Besides that, the Giant Centre and the Hersheypark Stadium are two other sites where you can find stimulating sports, music concerts and also other family shows.

You may also check out the Antique Auto Museum to discover vintage vehicles and also discover the history of cars, or possibly get up close and personal with incredible birds like Hawks and Falcons with The Falconry Experience at the Hotel Hershey.

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