Amazing Holidays to Greece & Islands

Amazing Holidays to Greece & Islands

Greece, famous for its wonderful islands with their whitewashed houses and relaxed atmosphere, have become a perfect getaway short haul holiday destination.

Even if you go to Greece to experience the sun, sea and sand it would be a pity not to see some of the remarkable historical sights such as the Acropolis or the Palace of Knossos.

Be amazed by the surviving ancient architecture of Olympia and the Temple of Apollo at Delphi amongst the many wonderful sights throughout the country.

What to Do with the Kids

The beach will be the main attraction for children here but if they are interested in stories and history you'll be surprised how much they will enjoy some of the ancient sites and museums.

The Greeks adore children and will receive a lot of attention wherever they go.

Working up an Appetite

As over half the country is mountainous there are some well maintained trekking routes such as the Vikos Gorge and water sports such as windsurfing; snorkelling and diving are easily accessible at most major resorts along the coast and on the islands.

What to Eat & Drink

Greek food can be healthy, delicious and good value.

Start with a selection of mezedes - which may include kalamaria - squid or taramasalata - fish roe dip served with hot pitta bread. It is worth trying dolmades - stuffed vine leaves or stifado - a hearty meat stew with onions.

Desserts are sweet using local nuts and honey.

Local wines are good value as is a glass of ouzo, the local liquor.

Where to Dance the Night Away

All the major cities, towns and tourist resorts will have discos and lively music bars.

Most people enjoy the warm summer evenings dining out and drinking in the local restaurants and cafes watching the world go by.

If you want high end clubs, Mykonos is a popular destination.


Annual High Points

Carnival is celebrated all over the country in the three weeks before lent during February and March with traditional dancing, costumes and feasts.

Easter is a huge festival for the Orthodox Church and as part of the ceremonies you'll see candlelight processions and fireworks.

What to Bring Back

The country has a good range of crafts available including ceramics, leather goods and jewellery.

You'll also find a good range of wonderful postcards, posters and calendars which show photographic scenes of the country to remind you of your trip.

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