Gran Canaria Weather | Full 12 Month Outlook

Gran Canaria Weather | Full 12 Month Outlook

Gran Canaria weather makes visiting the island popular throughout the year as we enjoy good temperatures year round.

In the peak of summer we get excellent weather in the Gran Canaria with very little rain and warm evenings.

Over the winter months, not as hot but the weather is still warm enough to enjoy a holiday to the Gran Canaria.

January to April Weather in Gran Canaria

January and February in the Gran Canaria see the coldest temperatures with an average of around 18c.

The evenings you will feel the cold a lot more than the summer months and is recommended that you pack some warmer clothes.

March and April we see things starting to warm up a bit more with the back end of April a popular time to visit.

Temperatures will average around 18c to 20c, again the evenings you may need some warmer clothing.

May to August Weather in Gran Canaria

This time of year is fantastic, we really start to feel the sun now and is not too hot yet in May but really hits the highs in August.

We see the temps starting at around 20c in May and by the time we hit August in the Gran Canaria, it’s time to get out the sun lotion with averages of 24c and above.

If you enjoy the beach or are a pool lover, July and August in the Gran Canaria are the best months to get the sun.

Gran Canaria Weather

If you are travelling with young children and want to avoid the high temperatures, anytime before July and after August is cooler.

September to December Weather in the Gran Canaria

From September, although still great weather, we start to see the temps lower back down from the mid 20’s to around 18c in December.

Late deals, cancellations and last minute holidays in this time of year are popular due to the low prices and still getting enjoyable weather.

Although we have no control over the weather, we do advise to check the temps leading up to your Gran Canaria holiday so you can get an idea of what to pack.

December we see the most rainfall and is always worth packing a jacket or waterproof coat just to be sure.

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