Getting Married Abroad | What you Need to Know

Getting Married Abroad | What you Need to Know

I think at some point we have all thought about the idea of getting married abroad, or at least know someone who has.

It is a big commitment and a lot more to the planning than a traditional UK wedding.

Here’s some pointers to get you started.

Who to Contact when you want to have a Wedding Abroad

First thing’s first – get in contact with the British Embassy for the country you want to get married in, as well as the local authorities. 

This is an important business as you may find that, depending on the country of choice, the marriage isn’t deemed legal in the UK. 

Of course there is always paperwork, but don’t let a few forms put you off. 

As long as you aren’t tying the knot in Outer Mongolia, the process is fairly simple. 

The same goes for arranging a Civil Partnership abroad.

Don’t forget that after the wedding, the certificate that you will get will be one for the country you were married in, not a UK wedding certificate.

If you have a little extra to spend on the wedding, a good wedding planner should be able to sort out the legal side of the marriage for you. 

Many tour operators also offer this service. 

Getting Married Abroad

If you are planning to sort out the paperwork yourself, is a good place to start.

Pick the Wedding Venue

You don’t have to get married on the beach in the sunset if you don’t want to. 

Just because you’re planning a wedding abroad doesn’t mean you can’t get married somewhere more traditional. 

There is nothing ruling out a church wedding, just be aware that if you don’t speak the language, you may not fully understand the ceremony. 

You should be able to get a copy of the vows from the coordinator however.

Get Insured!

For goodness sake get insurance. You can get insurance for as little as £25. 

It can cover all many mess ups, from cancellations, to lost flowers. That’s enough said about that.

Invite Everyone to Your Wedding Abroad…

Or don’t invite everyone. It’s up to you. It is important to make clear to guests however what you will and won’t be paying for. 

Great Aunt Agatha may think she’s getting a free holiday at your expense.

Getting Married Abroad

You may wish to pay for your guests’ accommodation, but not flights. 

You may wish to foot the entire bill. Whatever you are doing, make it clear. 

It’s likely that not everyone will be able to afford to attend a wedding abroad, so don’t be insulted if a few people say that they can’t come. 

On the other hand, if you’d like a quiet intimate affair, this may be to your advantage!

Booking your Travel Plans

Call Oasis Holidays today or request a call back from our form located on our booking page and we can take care of the details and get back to you with great prices.

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