How to Enjoy Geneva on a Budget | Switzerland

How to Enjoy Geneva on a Budget | Switzerland

Geneva on a Budget: It seems that the only things we hear about Switzerland centers around their famous neutrality pact, the super high quality of life and how expensive the country can be. 

But you’re reading it first here, folks: you can travel to the richly luxurious Geneva and do it with a budget in mind. 

If you’re keen on experiencing a taste of this grand city without making a grand dent in your savings account, then please look no further. 

See our top picks for an affordable trip to Geneva below!

Be That Super Touristy Person: Lake Geneva

What’s better than inexpensive? It goes without saying: free, naturally. 

Stroll around Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and take in all the natural beauty surrounding you. 

If you’d like to splurge there’s nothing wrong with cozying up at one of the many cafes with a coffee and pastry. 

While you’re sipping on your java take a glance over at the city’s historic Jet d’Eau or emblematic water fountain.

Geneva on a Budget

Create your own Walking Tour

Sure, you could pay plenty of Swiss francs for one of those fancy walking tours, but with a little online research you can create your own walking tour for free. 

Our suggested route? Cross the River Rhone and take in gorgeous sites like Pont des Bergues, St. Peter’s Cathedral and Ille Rosseau all without spending a penny.

Apartment - Swap it Up!

If you’d like to stay away from the city’s very expensive hotel and hostel options, why not look into an apartment swap? 

Yes, we never tire of giving advice about apartment swapping which is very near and dear to our hearts! 

Geneva on a Budget

Simply log onto one of the many apartment swapping sites to create your own profile and peruse your options.

In this most expensive of cities, finding an inexpensive accommodation option is a must!

Booking Geneva Holidays

If you are looking at booking a holiday to Geneva we can book hotels and flights.

Call us today for a great price, you can also visit our booking page for more information.

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