Best Egypt Holiday Resorts and Destinations

Best Egypt Holiday Resorts and Destinations

Egypt Holiday Resorts: Egypt covers about 400,000 sq miles and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.  

The Nile River flows through Egypt on it’s journey from central Africa towards the Mediterranean Sea, via the Nile Delta.  

Egypt conjures up thoughts of Deserts but it is also a country that hosts fantastic physical beauty in the shape of mountains and the underwater landscapes of the Red Sea.

Main Resorts and Cities in Egypt

Cairo - The capital of Egypt.  Here you will find the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and the Great Sphinx.  

It is a city with a huge bustling population, diverse and with an astounding mix of cultures. 

One of the largest markets in the world – Khan al Khalili – can be visited in Islamic Cairo.

Aswan - Situated on the banks of the Nile, Aswan is a pretty city that offers relaxing cruises on the river, known as Felucca, colourful markets and a good choice of restaurants.  

It has more of an African feel culturally. You can visit the two temples of Abu Simbel and the Nubian Museum nearby. 

Egypt Holiday Resorts

Luxor - Here you will find the massive Temple of Karnak, built over a period of 1300 years.  

Luxor is situated in the Nile Valley and is a major holiday destination, featuring many amazing historical attractions.  

It is a busy area with hotels, shops and restaurants and is popular with holidaymakers. 

Hurghada - A popular holiday resort town on the edge of the Red Sea.  

It has 5*hotels and all inclusive resorts on offer plus nightlife. 

Great for diving, the area offers numerous hotels to choose from including a strip of hotels situated along the beach.  

There are lots of water sports to choose from here plus beautiful beaches.

El Gouna - Located between the mountains and the sea, stretching approx 6 miles along the Red Sea coast and islands.

El Gouna is considered an exquisite holiday resort offering luxurious hotels and facilities.  

Much of the accommodation offers breathtaking views of the sea and the area hosts residential dwellings as well as tourists.

Egypt Holiday Resorts

Sharm el Sheikh - One of the most popular and well established holiday resorts in Egypt, with world class opportunities for scuba diving.  

It is a busy holiday resort offering plenty of opportunities for nightlife, shopping, dining, diving, sunbathing and more.  

Diving and Water sports are the main attraction here.

Taba - Situated on the Sinai peninsula, Taba Heights has an enviable position overlooking the mountains and sea.  

It is located on the border of Israel and Egypt.  

Experience Bedouin camps, beautiful views, relaxed beaches and exotic surroundings.

Makadi Bay - One of the newest purpose built resorts in Egypt and home to lovely beaches, clear waters and quality hotels suitable for families.  

It is situated 19m south of Hurghada and offers water sports and typical holiday activities.

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