Edinburgh Fringe Festival Dates 2021

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Dates 2021

For the month of August Edinburgh is host to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, drawing visitors and performers from all round the world.

There’s an enormous amount to see including comedy, arts, theatre, musicals, opera and pop concerts.

Even if you visited the city for a whole month you’d never be able to see it all, and have a very empty wallet at the end of it.

Most people only visit the Fringe for a few days, so it’s important to plan your stay before you get there so you can fit in what you want.

The festival website has details of all the shows on offer, but even better is to order a brochure before you book tickets.

By ordering a brochure you can work out where events are located, how long it will take you to travel between venues and how busy you want your days to be.

It’s also far easier to navigate than the website and comes complete with maps.

Performers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Big name comedians often sell out first so if there is someone you want to see desperately make sure you book up well in advance.

Don’t rule out seeing an act you have never heard of, many of the student shows and small productions are incredibly slick, clever and funny.

To get a taster of the shows on offer, The Royal Mile is packed everyday with little stages – each showing a little glimpse of the shows.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Dates

Those involved in the productions also hand out a gazillion flyers to help you make your decisions.

Getting Around Between Venues

Edinburgh is a big city. If you’re on foot, crossing from the south of the town up towards Edinburgh Castle involves a very steep hill.

You will need to put by at least 40 minutes.

There are plenty of cabs, but be aware that many don’t run when the Edinburgh Tattoo Parade is going on.

Alternatively look out for the bicycle carriages – they’re not cheap, but they can whizz round the town in no time.

A good idea is to spend a day at the same venue.

For instance The Pleasance Courtyard (60 The Pleasance) has 14 venues ranging from large theatres to little cupboards hosting shows all day during the festival.

As its name suggests, there is a big courtyard in the middle with bars and food for sale.

Without needing to travel you can spend the whole day seeing shows.

Many acts also often give away free tickets away in the hour before their show starts, to people around the courtyard.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Dates 2021

Please be aware that these dates for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021 are provisionally set.

As we get closer to the start date these will be confirmed.

2021 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Dates: 6th August 2021 - 30th August 2021

And Finally…

Make sure you leave time to eat and drink.

Theatre going is thirsty work – put by an hour for lunch, you will appreciate it!

Carry water with you to drink, as lots of the venues get very warm when they are full of people.

And last but not least, avoid sitting in the front row – many comedians make the front row audience part of the act!

Unless that’s what you want of course!

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