Eating Out in Menorca | Holiday Food Guide

Eating Out in Menorca | Holiday Food Guide

Eating Out in Menorca: If you wish to enjoy what the locals prefer, then you are likely to be better off at a restaurant with a Spanish name and taste the specialities of the island.

A lot of restaurants offer a fixed lunch menu of "Menú del Día" at a fixed price that usually includes three courses, wine or water and bread.

Freshly caught fish is a safe choice for those new to Spanish food as well as for those wishing to experience a great unforgettable taste experience.

Be aware that Gambas (prawns) are excellent, but quite expensive.

You will find high quality pork and chicken also at your disposal at a great variety of delicious menus.

More precisely, Menorcians pay the utmost attention to their cuisine and as a result they have to show a great number of restaurants offering to all visitors everything they ask for.

Many restaurants are helpful in translating the menu.

Eating Out in Menorca

However it is useful to know that most restaurants provide an economical set meal at midday - known as a Menú del Día - a similar alternative - Menú del Noche - often appearing in the evenings.

If you want to see the full menu be aware to ask for “La Carta”.

If you wish to try a snack, Bocadillos which are fresh crusty filled bread rolls that are available in most bars is your best choice.

As well as the familiar ham or cheese, try them with a fresh hot omelette - Tortilla, with the salami or the island‘s -made spreading sausage - sobrasada served hot or cold and keep that unforgettable flavour in your mind forever!

You may be asked if you want your roll “con tomate” as a healthy alternative to butter, a whole ripe tomato is squeezed over the inside of the roll before filling suitable for those of you who wish to take care of their figure even during holidays to Menorca.

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