Dublin on a Budget | Book Dublin City Breaks Today!

Dublin on a Budget | Book Dublin City Breaks Today!

Dublin on a Budget: Travelling in any Western Europe city can certainly be an expensive experience, especially if you are going to a capital city. 

The general case tends to be that hotels are expensive, restaurants are overpriced – especially in the popular tourist areas, and museums certainly do charge. 

However, if you are coming to Dublin, there are certain ways that you can lower some of the costs, so you have a more affordable holiday than you would in many capitals.

One of the most important things to realise when you are coming to Dublin is that there are many activities which can be done for free, and there are also some which are incredibly affordable. 

Dublin has many parks, one of the most notable of which is The Phoenix Park, which would certainly rank as one of the most beautiful parks in the whole of Europe. 

There is no charge for entering this location, and if the weather is nice you will find that this is a perfect place to come for a walk.

Or simply just relax in the wonderful atmosphere within these gardens.

Dublin is also well known for its farmers markets, and although of course you have to pay to buy things, these can be a wonderful experience just to go and walk around.

Dublin on a Budget

You should check out which days these are being held before you arrive, as there do tend to be seasonal variations. 

You will find that at these events there will be plenty of different foods to sample, and even if you are on a budget you will properly find yourself walking away with some fantastic products.

Of course, Dublin, like any other city, is probably more affordable if you choose to self cater. 

Whether you stay in self catering apartments, or hostels with cooking facilities, you are going to save money by cooking in, rather than eating out. 

Therefore, in Dublin, if you combine the farmers market, with self catering, you are going to have a wonderful opportunity to cook up some great meals at your accommodation.

That said, eating out in Ireland can be a great experience, and it will give you an opportunity to try some of the local food, as prepared by locals.

Dublin on a Budget

Fortunately, there are affordable destinations to eat out at, even though you might have to look a bit harder for them. 

Ask at your hotel or hostel for places which serve great food for people who are on a budget.

Booking Dublin City Breaks

If you are looking to escape to Dublin for a city break give us a call today.

We have a huge range of accommodations and flights from many airports.

Visit our booking page for more information and our opening hours.

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