Dubai Holidays | Dubai Holiday Packages

Dubai Holidays | Dubai Holiday Packages

Dubai is a tourist destination for many people who would love to go to the Far East and yet go into an open city where one will feel free to move about.

It is a place safe enough for people on holiday from other countries all over the world. 

There are several attractions that make Dubai the place of choice when deciding on a place where to go on a holiday.

The place never fails to amaze many individuals on holiday that will surely make their heads spin with unending excitement.

City of Dreams

Main attractions at Dubai include beaches, water sports and deserts.  

Dubai is part of the Middle East countries that are widely popular for their beaches, so expect a good number of activities in the desert to await you.  

For example, an individual may spend a night at an oasis for a taste of Arabian nights within a camp common among Bedouins and gaze at the stars above you.  

But if you’re in for more adventurous activities, go ahead and ride a four wheel drive right through several miles of sand dunes.

You may also enjoy the beaches of Dubai open to the public such as the beach along Jumeirah Road.  

Step on pearly sands that are touched by the waters from the Persian Gulf.  

There are hotels which line the beach where visitors can stay for their much-awaited holiday and enjoy a wide range of food and beverage that caters to the international mix of visitors of Dubai.  


And if you want to fully enjoy the beaches, make sure to mark your calendar in January which is the best time for beach activities.

There are also water sports that can keep you entertained the entire time you are there for your holiday.  

Get the chance to test the waters while windsurfing, sailing, jet skiing and diving at either Jumeirah Beach or Dubai Creek.  

If you’re not up to the challenge, enjoy the view while taking a walk along the pearly white sandy beach.

Travel Details

When planning to travel to Dubai, you can call Oasis Holidays for flight availability and schedule so you can book your flight in advance.  


It is important to figure out how much it would cost so that you know the amount you need to prepare to enjoy all the activities you plan to do during your holiday in Dubai.

We offer flight and hotel bookings and also package holidays to Dubai with many low deposit options.

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