Dornumersiel Germany | North Sea Holidays

Dornumersiel Germany | North Sea Holidays

When you think of holiday destinations in Germany, Dornumersiel will probably not be one of the first that springs to mind. 

Those in the know however, who have already discovered this gem on the North Sea coast, will nod slowly and smile as the happy memories of their time spent here will come flooding back.

Situated in Lower Saxony, this port has much to offer the tourist but is not a typical resort that is all hustle and bustle. 

The lifestyle here is very chilled and laid back and centres around the port and the sea from which most of the population make their living. 

That said, there is plenty to do in and around Dornumersiel, and whatever your age you will come back from a trip here feeling rejuvenated.

Accommodation in Dornumersiel

The holiday accommodation in Dornumersiel is vast and varied, with many holiday house rentals and self catering apartments which greatly appeal to families. 

Risel-Ferienhaus situated in Dornumersiel is one such example of a cosy retreat.

With a fireplace and more than enough space for the whole family, ideal for a weekend away from the city. 


There is also a smattering of hotels if you prefer a more structured holiday and your meals laid on. 

A park which offers mobile home accommodation is also very popular with families who have youngsters as there is plenty of room for them to run around and expend energy.

Maritime history is in evidence everywhere and you discover more about it in the fascinating two sluices museum. 

There is also a leisure complex offering mini golf, tennis court, skate park, internet access, a library and for the little ones, a play barn. 

Dornumersiel is also gaining a reputation as a spa resort and their wellness facilities are second to none.

The coastline is attractive and there are many sandy beaches and coves. 

Whilst many consider the North Sea to be permanently cold, it does warm up in the summer and many happy days can be spent on the beach. 

Dornumersiel Germany

Overall, Dornumersiel is a very pleasant place to take a holiday and the fact that it is totally unspoilt by tourists is another bonus.

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