Cyprus | A Holiday Island You’ll Love

Cyprus | A Holiday Island You’ll Love

Cyprus is located in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and is the third largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The population of the island is no more than 1.2 million people; therefore one can still find many large areas on the island which are completely unspoiled.

The country is divided in two by the famous “Green line” border and is one of the last countries in Europe under this kind of status.

Cyprus has a very interesting history as well as a rich cultural legacy. 

Many ancient monuments and archaeological sites, worthy of a visit, are gathered around the island. 

Especially in Paphos tourists can visit many of these sites, and that has included Paphos in UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage sites.

Most of the inhabitants are Greek Cypriots, and Christian Orthodox. 

The language that is widely spoken is Greek but all Cypriots are fluent in English as is considered to be the second language on the island. 

The currency is the Euro and all major credit cards are accepted.

The strong point in Cyprus, like in all Mediterranean islands, is that the weather remains sunny and warm almost throughout the year. 

In particular in Cyprus you will enjoy the ideal weather since it is sunny and has mild temperatures almost every day. 


There are no extreme phenomena in the weather or in temperatures, however seasonal fluctuations do exist.

Due to its exceptionally good weather and the fact that it combines green surroundings with deep blue clear waters, Cyprus will offer you great opportunities for beach holidays first of all. 

You can find beaches in Cyprus that suit all ages and types of visitors; from families with small children to those who look only for privacy. 

The mountains and their interior offer a fascinating contrast to the coast which is a plus to the whole scenery.

Pine forests and Byzantine churches are just some of the treasures to be found here. 

You can also experience the actual village life of the hill towns in the countryside, since the characteristic culture of Cyprus is the feature there.

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