Cycling Gran Canaria | Perfect Tourist Routes

Cycling Gran Canaria | Perfect Tourist Routes

Cycling Gran Canaria is one of the best ways to get around the island's mountainous terrain.

Along with a few of the very best all-year- round climates in the world, creates perfect conditions for mountain biking.

These attributes bring many race clubs to the Gran Canaria for their annual training.

Also bicycle lovers, who bring their own bike with them to explore the stunning beauties of the island whilst practicing their preferred sport.

There are of course many areas, where you are able to rent a bicycle and do your bicycle tourism on an extensive network of accessible paths.

But in addition, there are many leisure businesses supplying guided bicycle tours, which frequently include a picnic lunch at the outing.

Bicycles also supply an excellent way of transportation and several tourists utilise touring bicycles to do their shopping or to reach remote locations and shores to escape from the crowds.

But take note that, given the character of the terrain, the steep slopes, both the narrow and twisting streets in addition to plenty of road traffic, cycling Gran Canaria demands extreme attention.

Cycling Gran Canaria

From the beaches of Playa del Ingles to the narrow streets around Mogan, cycling is a fun way to see more of your favourite places and is inexpensive making it very popular.

We do recommend that if you are cycling to a new area or alone it is worth letting your hotel or someone know your estimated time of return.

As with any sport or hobby accidents can happen and with the various terrain and heat this can test the most seasoned cyclist.

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