Country Ribs Benidorm | Benidorm New Town

Country Ribs Benidorm | Benidorm New Town

One thing Benidorm does is it caters for everyone.

If you are looking for a rack of ribs and a steak dripped in honey sauce then look no further that the Country Ribs Benidorm.

Located about 20-30 meters away from Uncle Peds, Country Ribs is a great place to dine and suitable for everyone, families, couples groups and solo travellers.

The menu is extensive and you will be sure to find something that gets your taste buds going!

If you like your food cooked fresh straight of the griddle, and plenty of it the Country Ribs Benidorm does exactly that.

There is a huge choice from steaks, skewers, pizza and the famous rack of ribs.

Country Ribs does get busy so there may be a waiting time a little longer than the bars on the strip but the wait is worth it.

My recommendation is the combo platter, even for seasoned foodies like myself it’s a filling plate and great to swap and share with the rest of your party.

Country Ribs Benidorm

Country Ribs Benidorm is ideal for families and those with young children.

With so many side dishes and combos the kids can help themselves and get to try new things.

Ideally those here for a celebration and looking for somewhere to eat before a night in sin city they are happy to cater for you.

If you are going as a large group it’s worth popping earlier to make a reservation and plans can be made so you are all sat together.

Price wise Country Ribs in Benidorm is not a cheap eat as they say but is still what you would expect to pay for steaks and drinks in a restaurant and would probably use around 25-35 Euros a head with drinks ( depending what you are eating and drinking! )

Staff here are very friendly and helpful and know the menu inside out so a good place to start for recommendations.

It would get expensive eating here every night but is ideal as a break from the hotel or the main places most of us eat when in Benidorm and well worth a checking out.

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