City Breaks to Barcelona on a Budget! | Book Today

City Breaks to Barcelona on a Budget! | Book Today

City Breaks to Barcelona on a Budget: Barcelona is one of the most breath-taking cities in the whole of Europe.

Known as much for its spectacular scenery as it is for its awesome attractions.

And to make matters a whole lot more wallet-friendly, the majority of these tourist outings are free to explore (or only ask for a small fee at the door). 

Thus, making Barcelona the perfect destination for value-seeking voyagers searching for their next Spanish adventure!

Here are just three affordable attractions that holidaymakers should definitely make a note to visit while in Barcelona on a city break.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Arguably the most famous attraction in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia greets thousands of tourists every year. 

The Giant Temple was designed under the guidance of master architect Antonio Gaudi and is one of the most famous and unique/bizarre buildings I have ever seen. 

Although incomplete, the Gothic-come-Art Nouveau style building is a top attraction whether you’re in Catalonia for the whole week or just overnight.

City Breaks to Barcelona on a Budget

The epic scale of the building can be seen by the fact that construction began back in 1882, and it is estimated that the temple will not be fully completed for another 80 years yet.

Despite it being an unfinished masterpiece, tourists only need to pay around €20 in order to venture inside. 

However, there is plenty of cathedral to be seen from the outside if you want to keep your spending to an absolute minimum. 

The sheer scale of its magnificence is hard to share with family and friends back home without the aid of photographs. 

Make sure you get hold of a decent camera before you go.

Picasso Museum Barcelona

Where better to visit after one of the most famous attractions in Barcelona than a museum dedicated to, arguably, Spain’s most world-renowned painter?

The Picasso Museum is devoted to the life and complete works of Pablo Picasso, and it is the perfect way to see why the Spaniard was so highly praised for his work.

City Breaks to Barcelona on a Budget

Visitors can get up-close and personal with a supreme collection of the artist’s exquisite paintings; ranging from pieces that shaped his early career, to masterpieces which came about towards the end of his extraordinary life.

What’s more, holidaymakers who visit the Picasso Museum on the first Sunday of the month are in for an extra special treat – the museum is free to enter! 

Barcelona FC Museum Tours

No matter how fanatical you are about your favourite football team, there is no denying the huge influence that Barcelona FC has played on the sport over the past century.

Since kicking their first football in 1899, their list of accolades has grown and grown. 

While in Barcelona, budget travellers can celebrate the huge success of the club even more by visiting the Barcelona FC Museum. 

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