Your Guide to the Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

Your Guide to the Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

Best Christmas Markets in Berlin: Nothing says Christmas in Germany more than a visit to a Christmas market accompanied with a steaming cup of the traditional gluhwein or mulled wine. 

If you happen to be visiting the German capital during the holiday season then strolling around an open air market with a steaming cup of booze should top your list of to-dos. 

The city boasts more than 50 of these holiday markets, so you’re sure to find one that suits your particular tastes and alcohol consumption needs!

The Guaranteed Tourist Attraction: Weihnachts Zauber

Strung with tons of lights, mega doses of tinsel and plenty of warm-wined visitors, the Weihnachts Zauber is one of the city’s largest Christmas markets. 

You can take part in the shopping fun on the historic Gendarmenmarkt square from mid November until the end of the year.

The Old-Time Favorite: The Berlin Opera Christmas Market

Smack dab near the city’s bustling street Unter den Linden, The Berlin Opera is nestled right by and strung with glorious lights. 

This nostalgia fest is filled with goodies like traditional native crafts, toys, Christmas decor and much much more.

Christmas Markets in Berlin
Off-the-Beaten Path and Well Worth It: Spandauer Altstadt

Sure, it may take you a bit more time to travel to this suburb just outside of Berlin, but in exchange you’ll be rewarded with a true cultural extravaganza. 

This huge holiday market has anywhere from 200-400 stalls depending on what day of the week you visit. 

Here you’ll be treated to every manner of craftsmen and women hawking their wares with plenty of stalls filled with delicious treats to munch on. 

Christmas Markets in Berlin

Super bonus alert: apparently it’s a tradition for the local police department to dress up and belt out traditional German tunes for the entertainment of the locals!

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