Christmas Day in Benidorm | Benidorm for Christmas!

Christmas Day in Benidorm | Benidorm for Christmas!

Christmas Day in Benidorm is a great way to get away from the rain and snow we are so used to back home.

Not only better weather but a chance for the family to do something different and a bit of Winter sun is always welcome.

Xmas day in Benidorm is very popular as you can still get some great last minute deals to the resort.

Also a good chance to Benidorm at a different part of the year and seeing how the Spanish celebrate this time of year.

What’s Xmas Day Like in Benidorm?

It’s as festive as you would expect back home, hotels are all decorated, everyone is in high spirits and bars and restaurants getting ready to serve the main course of the day.

Although you will find most shops closed, bars and restaurants, just like home are open and very festive.

Live entertainment, party games and a traditional Christmas Dinner cooked to perfection ticks the boxes.

The weather, this time of year can be hit and miss but is normally a lot better, and dryer than back at home.

Christmas Day in Benidorm

Local bars are very welcoming to families with children and boxing day you find many bars holding buffets for those visiting.

For Christmas morning in Benidorm we do want to open gifts but is advised to wrap them once in Benidorm, after you get through customs!

Leading up to Xmas day in Benidorm you will find many Christmas markets, mini fairs and even an ice rink in the Old Town.

If you are looking for something a bit different to do for Christmas this year, maybe a Christmas holiday in Benidorm could be for you!

One place that must be checked out is the Old Town, here you will see the Xmas tree, decorations, carol singers and although winter in the sun, it feels like Christmas!

Christmas Holidays to Benidorm

There are many places to check for holidays to Benidorm for Xmas.

We do recommend shopping around for the best prices and flights to Benidorm.

Booking your holiday to Benidorm for Christmas early can save you a lot of money.

Have you been in Benidorm for Christmas?

Let us know in the comments section how you found having a winter in the sun!

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