Cheap Holidays to Budapest | City Breaks

Cheap Holidays to Budapest | City Breaks

Cheap Holidays to Budapest: Whether you call it the “Pearl of the Danube” or the “Little Paris of Central Europe”, Budapest is certainly one of Europe’s must see cities.

Its rich cultural and art areas respond to great interest found in its visitors.

Beautiful parks and expansive nightlife provide both relaxation and excitement but none of this can be enjoyed without knowing what to see and do.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary as well as its largest city.

There is so much to do in Budapest and deciding how to spend your days or nights really relies on personal taste.

What is There to Do in Budapest?

If you are looking for a more cultural experience, there is much to accommodate.

Castle Hill is a must-see, no matter what reason you’re travelling for.

As one of the most culturally rich places in Budapest, however, it’s a perfect stop for someone trying to get in touch with Hungary’s History.

Cheap Holidays to Budapest

The Royal Palace is one of the most popular attractions here, and in it are three museums and a library, definitely enough to keep you busy for a day.

The Fisherman’s Bastion is another place worth visiting.

From here, you get one of the most spectacular views of the city, as well as access to tons of places to explore.

Statue Park is yet another notable site in Budapest.

Full of some of the most impressive pieces of art from the Soviet era, it is definitely an invaluable cultural experience.

The National Gallery is home to some of the most outstanding pieces by Hungarian artists.

One of the deeply held loves for the people of Budapest is their love of the arts and there is no better place to experience the Hungarian art experience than through a visit to the Hungarian State Opera House.

This structure is an architectural jewel and houses performances that include operas, plays, concerts and ballets.

Attending any of the performances can give the visitor insight into Hungarian history as well as modern day culture.

One of the landmarks mentioned above, Castle Hill, is only accessed on foot or by bike so you may want to consider renting a bike during your stay.

This provides a great way to get around the city as it has been developed with bike comfort and safety in mind.

Not only does biking provide good exercise but it is a low cost way to get up close and personal with the Hungarian people and a really great way to experience this beautiful city.

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