The Cheap and Cheerful Bar Benidorm

The Cheap and Cheerful Bar Benidorm

One thing that you will find Benidorm is plenty of bars.

Having a wander around in the side streets and of the beaten track you will come across a ton of places that you may never of heard of before.

The Cheap And Cheerful Bar Benidorm is one of those places.

Just on the road by the Rio Park Hotel is a few bars, popular with both locals and holidaymakers and away from the hustle and bustle of the main strip.

The Cheap And Cheerful is located here and does exactly what it says above the door!

Cheap And Cheerful Benidorm is a bit like a friendly local back home.

Staff are friendly and you will always find someone to chat to here.

Drink prices you are looking at around 1.20 Euros for a pint of local larger, 1.50 for a glass of the local Baileys and for branded beers like John Smiths and Strong Bow 2.50 Euros.

The bar also does food and full English breakfasts are available.

Cheap and Cheerful Bar Benidorm

It is a popular bar with locals and those that visit Benidorm long term and this makes it a good place to come and chat, meet new friends and a good place for those that are travelling alone.

Some of us like to travel and meet new people and at the Cheap and Cheerful Benidorm you will find that.

It has a good terrace which is a good sun trap when that sun gets at it’s high point. Live sports are also shown here and does get very busy at these times.

You will find Dutch, German, British and a whole host of nationalities at the bar and always a conversation.

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