Best Caribbean Winter Holidays | All-Inclusive Holidays

Best Caribbean Winter Holidays | All-Inclusive Holidays

Caribbean Winter Holidays: Long white sand beaches, clear blue skies, warm waters lapping at the shore and hazy sun soaked days all epitomise the Caribbean and the much needed escape of a Winter Sun Holiday here.

But there’s more to the Caribbean Islands than just sand, sea and sunshine.  

A popular UK tourist haven for Winter Sun holiday seekers for many years, the Caribbean also offers a wealth and depth of cultural, sporting and exploring activities as well as sun soaked miles of pristine sand. 

We take a brief look at some of the popular Caribbean Islands and what they have to offer:

Barbados Winter Holidays

Surfers head for the East coast of Barbados which benefits from high winds and wide beaches, with large Atlantic waves creating a magnificent opportunity for surf lovers. 

If surfing is not your style, head to the West and South coast of Barbados, where there are miles upon miles of white sandy beaches hugging the coastline. 

You can get a feel for the island by taking part in a scenic tour, which can be booked by Oasis Holiday and will give you a real sense of the natural beauty of Barbados either by cruise ship or coach.  

Barbados certainly has lots to offer in the form of nature and wildlife, including the famous green monkeys, the flower forest, waterfalls, caves and sugar cane fields.

Caribbean Winter Holidays

Don’t forget though that Barbados has a thriving community with interesting culture, food and history that can be explored in places such as Bridgetown, Holetown and Speightstown amongst others.

Not to mention the villages here in Barbados that will give you a true sense of Bajan life.  

Add all of these elements to a thriving nightlife, entertainment and shopping opportunities and Barbados has the perfect mix for a Winter Sun holiday.

Antigua Winter Holidays

Head to Antigua for the famous ‘sailing week’ or relax on one of the many secluded fine sandy beaches along the winding coastline here. 

Antigua is the largest of the Leeward islands in the Caribbean, situated in the Eastern Caribbean. 

It’s often referred to in conjunction with its Antigua holidays small island neighbour Barbuda which is a coral reef island about 30 miles away.  

In fact the coral reefs in Antigua and Barbuda are a major attraction for activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling because of the abundance of sea life they attract and the stunning underwater scenery they provide.

Caribbean Winter Holidays

The capital of Antigua is St. Johns and includes the magnificent St. John’s Cathedral, the Antigua & Barbuda Museum and various markets to explore.  

There are 365 beaches on Antigua so you could spend the whole year there and visit a new beach each day 😉 

The challenge on your Caribbean holiday to Antigua is to decide which beach suits you the best!

St. Lucia Winter Holidays

The enchanted island of St. Lucia is a popular retreat for honeymoon couples and those seeking romance. 

With its stunning beaches, waterfalls, rain forests and mountains there’s plenty of places to escape to on the island. 

There’s also a host of cultural activities and traditions to be experienced such as cassava making and fishing for crayfish, plus activities such as horse riding, sailing, diving, surfing and even zip-lining.  

There’s plenty of hotels to choose from, from 5 star luxury to boutique and smaller hotels through to all inclusive options in many places, and direct flights to the island from Gatwick.

Book Winter Holidays in the Caribbean

Like what you see? Why not take a Winter Sun Holiday to the Caribbean in the next few months? 

Call our UK booking office for more details with many low deposit winter package holidays available.

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