Car Hire Gran Canaria | What You Need To Know

Car Hire Gran Canaria | What You Need To Know

Car Hire Gran Canaria - The island has so many stunning places and is very easy to get around, if you have access to a car.

One of the best options to get the most from your Gran Canaria holiday is to rent a car and there are many places to do this.

When people go on holiday many often stay in the same resort.

With car hire in the Gran Canaria being a simple process, it appeals to many and does make a memorable holiday.

For those that have never hired a car in the Gran Canaria, we take you through where and how in this simple guide to car hire Gran Canaria.

Hire a Car in Gran Canaria - What Do I Need?

To be over the age limit.

To drive in the Gran Canaria you will need to be over 18 years old and you will find that a lot of the car hire companies have a minimum age limit of 21 years.

Your driving documents. When you are looking to hire a car in the Gran Canaria you will need your driving license.

Also bring any insurance details with you.

Identification for car hire. Along with your driving license, when looking to hire a car in the Gran Canaria, bring your passports.

Payment method. As you will be hiring a car, you will need your bank/credit card to make the payment.

Car Hire Gran Canaria

Check the small print. Always check the small print when hiring a car.

See what the mileage allowance is. If you need to return the hire car filled with petrol e.t.c.

Hiring a Car in Gran Canaria - Tips and Advice

The first thing you will notice is the heat, we do recommend popping a cool box in the boot and you can fill it up with water.

Driving around the Gran Canaria is scenic and beautiful, but it can get hot at times, stay hydrated!

If you are visiting the Gran Canaria as a family, you must remember that children under the age of 12 cannot sit in the front seat of a hire car.

Stay to the right. Here in the Gran Canaria we drive on the right side of the road.

Keep within the speeding limits. Residential areas are 50kph, rural is 90kph and on the main highways it is 120kph.

You will find that the GPS in a hire car in Gran Canaria may not be, well let’s just say bring your phone, hook it up and use that as your GPS.

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