Boutique Hotels in London | Book London Breaks!

Boutique Hotels in London | Book London Breaks!

Boutique Hotels in London: There are many boutique hotels scattered across London, all of which offer their own advantages to those who choose to stay there.

The big difference is in the exclusive amenities that they have to offer as well as a personal level of service that cannot be matched by the larger hotel chains. 

Most people think that with this high level of service they must be a more expensive choice.

But there are many London boutique hotels that are affordable, especially when compared to other major luxury chain hotels.

Most of London’s boutique hotels are smaller in size and are privately owned and as a special perk have been individually designed.  

Even more entrancing is the fact that many of the boutique hotels display their histories on the walls and are happy to let you enjoy it while you take some time to relax in quality surroundings.  

Boutique Hotels in London

For example the Hazlitt boutique hotel in Soho Square was once the home of William Hazlitt and some of the original antiques and furnishings are still in the boutique hotel for visitors to see.

Within these boutique hotels you can view many different luxuries that you otherwise may never get up close to including chandeliers, excellent room service, antiques, and of course great central locations due to the fact that they are small in size.  

Most are stylish and a little quirky as well, which adds to the general charm of staying in England’s largest and most historic city.

Want to Book a Boutique Hotel in London?

You have some fantastic choices when it comes to London boutique hotels.

Very popular for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Day.

More information can be found on our booking page .

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