Blackpool Donkey Rides | Prices, Welfare & More!

Blackpool Donkey Rides | Prices, Welfare & More!

Blackpool Donkey Rides are one of the oldest and nostalgic traditions you will find in Blackpool.

Going back for over 100 years and still making memories for children like our ancestors before us it's a fun and inexpensive thing to do in Blackpool.

Obviously the welfare of the donkeys in Blackpool is paramount and many will be surprised that they are treated better than most animals.

Being part of the same family for over 100 years is a massive plus point.

You really must be an animal lover to be part of this and they are treated like family by the owners.

Over the years they have gone above and beyond to preserve and educate the public about the history and welfare of these beautiful animals.

Passing every licence and welfare check, abiding by the strict Donkey Charter these donkeys are very well loved, looked after and their welfare always comes first.

Animal welfare is always a subject that should be discussed and once you have been in the company with the handlers for the donkeys you will know they do everything with the donkeys best interests a priority.

Location of the Donkey Rides in Blackpool

Kind of an easy location to find, up and down the beach in Blackpool you will see the donkeys.

Obviously they will only be here depending if the tide is out is also weather permitting.

Prices for the Donkey Ride on the Beach in Blackpool

St Anne’s and Blackpool donkey beach rides vary on the distance you go.

It is only a few pounds and the three pound mark is about average for the kids to enjoy this nostalgic tradition spanning over 100 years.

Prices may vary throughout the season.

Blackpool Donkey Rides
Opening Times for the Donkey Ride

Donkey rides are available on the beach in Blackpool most days with a Friday off.

They have Friday off due to an old tradition when holidaymakers actually left Blackpool on a Friday.

Opening times and days may vary, weather permitting and time of season.

Location for the Blackpool Beach Donkey Rides

Both the Central Pier Beach area and St Anne’s are the focal point for donkey rides in Blackpool.

Have you tried the Donkey Rides on the Beach?

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