Bikini Beach Bar Benidorm | Levante Beach

Bikini Beach Bar Benidorm | Levante Beach

There are plenty of bars on the sea front in Benidorm and most of us stick to what we know.

Bikini Beach Bar Benidorm is set near the Mc Donalds and Cable Ski end of Levante Beach and is well worth checking out.

For some of us who like a beach front bar places like Aloha Bar can be to much and although Bikini Beach does get busy over the weekend periods it's a good place to stop by if you are looking for something less rowdy.

Not only offering stunning views over the beach front Bikini Beach Benidorm is a great place to grab a bite to eat, with breakfasts and meals served every day.

Bikini Beach is renowned for it's cocktails and are a must try when visiting.

I do recommend trying out the sangria but don't go over board as it is strong!

Drink prices here are reasonable for a beach front location and if you do want to come back later for food you can also reserve a table.

Bikini Beach Bar Benidorm

Staff at the Bikini Beach Benidorm are super friendly and helpful.

If you are coming to celebrate an event let the staff know beforehand and they will make sure you get seats together.

Although not as rowdy as other beach bars the weekend is when we see more large groups arrive and if you are here on holiday and have young children the week days are probably best to suit.

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