Best Places to Visit in Scotland | Scotland Travel Guide

Best Places to Visit in Scotland | Scotland Travel Guide

Best Places to Visit in Scotland: Get enchanted by the rustic green highlands and hypnotic natural settings of Scotland. 

The mesmerizing River Ness and the majestic landscape make this picturesque destination perfect for holidaying. 

If you are planning a short holiday then Scotland is definitely the right place to go. 

It offers many exotic locations to visit which will set your mood for an exciting holiday and will give you an experience like never before. 

Pack your bags and travel to this country full of rich heritage and vibrant culture.

Its sterling castles will transport you back in time.

City of Edinburgh

Scotland’s most brilliant place to visit is its capital city Edinburgh. 

One can find a vast variety of things to do in this stunning city. 

For a perfect holiday, Edinburgh brings to you a range that varies from striking castles and exquisite distilleries to excellent country parks and astonishing museums. 

Not to miss is the Military Tattoo, an exciting place where excellent performances are showcased by the best military bands, dancers and drummers from all across the world. 

This event takes place in the month of August every year.

Best Places to Visit in Scotland

So if you plan your holiday during this month you can witness one of the most iconic events.

Glasgow City Breaks

This weekend, plan a visit to bustling Glasgow, the largest city of Scotland. 

Visit its brilliant cathedral that has the most glorious buildings belonging to the medieval era. 

These cathedrals are a perfect mirror image of a pre-reformation Scottish Cathedral.

The city also houses a world famous art collection. 

And if you love shopping then you will be glad to know that it is an ultimate shopping destination as well.

The Scottish Highlands

Explore the brilliant glens, illustrious lochs, splendid beaches and gigantic peaks of the highlands of Scotland that will arrest your thoughts. 

The scenery will leave you amazed and mesmerized. 

The Highlands has the highest waterfall, Eas a’ ChualAluinn. 

The remarkable peaks of Suilven, Canisp and StacPollaidh add to its perfect scenic beauty. 

Loch Ness, Glencoe, Ben Nevis and The Isle of Skye are some other famous sights which make the Highlands an incredible tourist destination.

Things to Do in Scotland
Dumfries & Galloway

Explore the rich heritage of Dumfries & Galloway in the historic houses, ancient castles and glorious museums. 

Discover the beauty of this rustic land by walking as it offers a fantastic range of walking routes. 

Experience the rustic beauty of the Galloway Hills as you discover the splendid lakes and fantastic peaks on foot. 

Dumfries & Galloway also has the perfect conditions for a wide range of sports such as hiking and surfing.

Visit Loch Lomond Scotland
This freshwater Scottish lake lies on the highland of Boundary Fault. 
Loch Lomond is the largest loch in Great Britain and is one of the best known water bodies in the world. 
Best Places to Visit in Scotland

Indeed it is the most eye catching loch and has many islands in beautiful surroundings, making it a perfect destination for a relaxed holiday. 

The calmness of the lake has allured many travellers and has made them come back over and again.

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