Best Hotels in Benidorm Old Town

Best Hotels in Benidorm Old Town

Best Hotels in Benidorm Old Town: The Old Town part of Benidorm is a must visit when you are on your holidays to the resort.

Although a short walk away from the New Town it is like you have travelled afar with being so different.

Maze like alleyways, authentic tapas bars, side street cafes and stunning places of attraction you really get the real taste of Spain here.

The New Town offers everything you need when on holiday in Benidorm but for those looking at spending more time in this beautiful place we take a look at the best hotels in the Old Town.

The Hotel Celymar is probably the most understated hotel in the Old Town if not Benidorm.

When I came here it was for other reasons than to do a 'review'.

It was the cheapest room in Benidorm including balcony, free Wi-Fi and a breakfast thrown in.

The 24 hours I was here cost around 14-19 Euros and I just cannot fault the place.

Room was a good size for a single room, the place was spotless, bed was amazing, breakfast was good and the staff was super friendly.

This area is very quiet as it is across the road from the police station so no late night disturbances from revellers going back to their hotels.

The only downside is there is no pool because of the hotels design but apart from that I seriously could not find anything wrong even if I tried and picked at things.

Best Hotels in Benidorm Old Town

Another hotel I came across when finding some cheap rooms for friends the Primavera Hotel ticks all the boxes.

I ended up staying here for 2 nights as I was doing some videos in the Old Town and if I had the budget would of stayed longer.

The hotel itself is set in the heart of the Old Town in a residential area, about a 5 minute walk to Poniente Beach and the Old Town.

A family run hotel, and a very nice family to be said.

The room here was massive and one of the biggest I have stayed in Benidorm. Free Wi-Fi, bar area and the food was fantastic.

This hotel mainly attracts Spanish guests but the choice you have in the restaurant is all freshly made and could feed an army.

A mix of Spanish local dishes but plenty for fussy eaters and those who prefer British food with chicken, fish, chips, soups and as much wine as you can sup.

If you are looking for a hotel in the Old Town you really can't go wrong here, again very hard to find any faults.

There is a reason this Stunning hotel is normally ranked number one on all the hotel reviews.

Villa Venecia is a gem and one to check out for your next Benidorm Old Town Holiday!

Sat perched next to the Placa del Castell and St Jamie Church it has amazing views over Benidorm.

The hotel is pricey but worth every penny! Hot tubs, Spas, fine dining, concierge, fitness centre the staff cater for your every need when you are looking for the best hotels Bendiorm Old Town.

When looking for the best hotels in Benidorm Old Town there is plenty of choice.

Depending on your budget, the type of holiday you are looking for and what your needs are you the Old Town has something for everyone.

There are many more hotels well worth a notable mention, the Vista Oro Hotel, I have personally spent around 2 months here and perfect for families, Magic Cristal Park is a very popular choice, Villa del Mar is amazing, it looks plain from the outside but inside it is superb.

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