Best Hiking Trails with Views in the UK

Best Hiking Trails with Views in the UK

Best Hiking Trails with Views in the UK: Britain is a pretty neat blend of urban and rural settings, with beautiful landscapes spread all over the country.

Diverse, natural terrain that replete with verdant parks, silent backwaters and stunning wilderness is best explored by means of well-planned hotel and camping breaks in the UK that enables hikers to relax, while soaking in the spectacular views and sights the country has to offer.

The Lake District

The Lake District, located in Northwest England, is home to impressive scenery with mountainous terrain as the backdrop.

While popular touristy spots include Kendal and Windermere, a visit to this district is never truly complete without a trip to Wash Water, the country’s deepest lake set among some of the highest peaks.

Be warned though, reaching this stunning location takes a lot of effort, though the view is definitely worth the hike!

Scottish Highlands

The highlands' entire landscape is dotted with castles from yesteryears, pristine coasts and clear lochs.

Glen Nevis amidst the country’s highest mountain Ben Nevis is an ideal terrain for long, peaceful hikes during which the traveller is treated to scenic visuals, flora and wildlife native to the region.

Glen Etive and Glen Coe are two other favourite spots.

Several coastal islands that vie for attention include Islay and Mull with Mallaig, Oban and Arisaig, all of which boast beautiful coastlines.

Isle of Skye, housing the Hebrides Island amidst mountainous background is a pleasure to behold.

Innumerable lochs and falls are situated in this region, making it quite impossible to explore all the spots in one single visit.

Scottish Highlands can best be experienced over several short breaks in the UK.

White Cliffs of Dover

The famed chalky cliffs of Dover are a characteristic of Britain’s natural splendour, overlooking the English Channel.

Best Hiking Trails with Views in the UK

Hiking along the cliff tops, visitors can experience the thrill of watching one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes in action, which links the coasts of Britain and France.

Visitors can get a glimpse of the military history of the site, and savour the unique plant and animal life of the chalk grasslands.

Bird watching types can also get to view a few bird species that nest on the cliff face.

Rare orchids, ravens, kittiwakes, skylarks, a host of migratory birds and butterflies, the rare native blue butterfly and Exmoor ponies add to the natural beauty of this setting.

Edinburgh Skyline

Edinburgh skyline is a spectacular sight, offering an interesting spread of architectural styles with rugged cliffs in the background.

The city, located on rugged landscape facing the sea, constantly adapts itself to the changes around, offering two distinct perspectives to the visitor.

This amazing city is home to culture and learning, while also being popular for its loud options for entertainment.

Festivities at the Edinburgh Castle are worth a watch, as the skyline lights up with colourful fireworks dousing parts of the structure in brilliant lights.

Edinburgh is the perfect place for city breaks in the UK, with its stunning architecture and access to a number of areas of outstanding beauty.

These are but some of the few impressive views and sights the country has in store for its residents and the visitors who often flock the country throughout different parts of the year.

Do you have any amazing hikes you go on with awesome views?

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