Best Cafes in Boston | America Holidays

Best Cafes in Boston | America Holidays

Best Cafes in Boston: The first coffee ever served in America was served in Boston in 1697, so to say that cafes in Boston know how to brew a great cup of Joe would be an understatement. 

With this in mind, there are still a few coffee shops that stand out from the rest because while the city is overrun with Starbucks and Dunkin Donut locations the best coffee is still brewed locally.

Those that are near Cambridge’s Central Square will want to pay a visit to the Andala Café which is a true gem that is decorated with Middle Eastern appeals and features pillow seats and a fine tea and coffee choice. 

You can even have hookah with your drink if you are so inclined making it a great place to relax and just enjoy the drink.

On the other hand, for European style coffee nothing will beat what the baristas can whip up at Barismo on Mass Ave near the Arlington T stop. 

Here you will have to stand up for your coffee, but the steaming hot cup of coffee will be well worth it.

Those who enjoy the sugary flavors of modern coffee on the other hand will want to head towards South Boston and pay a visit to the PS Gourmet Coffee Shop on Dorchester Street. 

Here coffee comes in two sizes, small and ‘bucket’ for those who really like their coffee. 

Best Cafes in Boston

Family run and very cosy, you will feel right at home with the locals as they chat about the Red Sox and the weather.

Boston is rich in history and offers so much for those enjoying a holiday in this part of America.

You have fantastic accommodation options and sightseeing opportunities whilst visiting Boston and one place you will never forget.

Best Cafes in Boston

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