The Best Beaches in Tenerife | Tenerife Beach Guide

The Best Beaches in Tenerife | Tenerife Beach Guide

The Best Beaches in Tenerife: The beauty of Tenerife being an island is that it is surrounded by stunning beaches.

Home to great holiday resorts, villas, hotels and holiday apartments, Tenerife attracts many holiday makers because of the great weather and amazing beaches.


The longest and finest sandy beach on Tenerife extends to the west of the little fishing port and tourist resort of El Medano in the south of the island.

Here except at the height of the season it is still possible to find a relatively secluded spot.

The only disadvantage is the strong wind which to the delight of windsurfers if not of bathers frequently blows here carrying blown sand with it.


The beach here is a light coloured sandy beach 400m long and up to 100m wide which offers safe bathing, beach facilities are available at a daily cost e.g. sunbeds, and parasols.


The largest tourist centre in the south of the island has only three sandy beaches each of 100m long, separated from one another by rocky reefs.

The beach is very busy during the summer months and advisable to make an early start and hire your sunbeds out in the morning.

Many beach facilities are available at a daily cost.


The beach of Las Teresitas at San Andres approx.

5 miles northeast of Santa Cruz, was built up with sand brought from the Sahara and is protected from the heavy surf by artificial barriers.

Since it is mainly frequented by local people it is usually only busy over the weekends.

Best Beaches in Tenerife

For a beach so near the city it is very clean and it is fringed with Palm trees to add to this splendid beach.

Safe bathing and beach facilities, sunbeds available at a daily cost.


The fishing village of San Marcos 2 miles northeast of Icod de los Vinos, has a beach of black sand fringed by rugged rocks.

Usually not overcrowded, it is frequented by local people, there are a number of pleasant little restaurants along the beach.

Best Beaches in Tenerife for Families

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