See the Best Beaches in Japan | Japan Holidays

See the Best Beaches in Japan | Japan Holidays

See the Best Beaches in Japan: Japan is an island and looks long and thin on the map.

The country is surrounded by three different waters of the Pacific Ocean on one side, Sea of Japan and East China Sea on the other side.

As per the shape of the country, it has a long coastline of about more than 30,000 kilometers.

The beaches in Japan are well known for White sands and turquoise water roofed by clear blue sky.

Amazing Beaches in Japan

This is one of the beautiful beaches located on the west coast of Kii Peninsula which is extended between south Osaka and Ise shrine.

The meaning of “Shira-Hama” is white sand.

The place is famous for summer fun resorts with hotels and pleasant evenings.

This wonderful beach is ignored as located in between the divine mountain of Koya and Kumano Pilgrimage and is considered the most sacred.

Best Beaches in Japan

One of the Japanese beaches, Okinawa is the sub-tropical archipelago with palm trees and coral reefs which makes it a picnic spot for the Japanese people on holiday.

This is one of the free beaches in that area which is about 500m long and is located within the ocean expo park.

The ocean park is also provided with a free aquarium and museum.

This is the beach located at the south coast.

As the south coast is a bit quieter and deserted than the north coast, this can be considered as the quietest.

Even though the beach is less crowded, the facilities provided here are guaranteed like parking, lockers, showers, toilets etc.

The place is also a good destination for the surfers to look around for waves.

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