Benidorm Weekend Holidays | Plan Your Holiday Today!

Benidorm Weekend Holidays | Plan Your Holiday Today!

Benidorm Weekend Holidays: If you are searching for a place to be to enjoy your holiday why not make Benidorm your next weekend getaway.

This place is among the best places in the Costa Blanca region in Spain.

It is not only famous for pristine beaches most loved by European visitors, but as well as its superb weather and nightlife, it makes the place popular all year round.

Your holiday to Benidorm should be a memorable and exciting one if you have known the best places.

That’s why in this article we will try to give you some insights where to go so that you will be properly guided.

At least when you get there you can truly enjoy a weekend Benidorm getaway.

1.Dining. There are good places to eat in Benidorm that offer the discriminating tastes of the best Tapas of Spain as well other gastronomy food.

You can visit Levante and Rincon and several other seafood restaurants, fast food outlets and bars.

There are also many British restaurants which cook the best western delicacy such as steaks and fried seafood among others.

2.Hotels. There is a great selection of hotels in Benidorm that also caters to all visitors.

If you are visiting Benidorm with only a very low budget you can also choose cheap hotels but if money is not a problem you can also choose from an array of four star and five star hotels.

Some hotels you can choose from are Belroy, Apartamentos Michael Angelo, Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm and others.

3.Tourist Destinations. There are many tourist destinations in Benidorm which are always visited by thousands of holidaymakers every year.

Benidorm Weekend Holidays

You can visit Terra Mitica, one of the biggest and most beautiful theme parks in the place.

4.Beaches. Benidorm is also home to some of the best beaches of Spain.

In fact, just beside the best beaches here there are also hotels and seafood restaurants, and bars to complete the holidaymakers weekend stay in the Benidorm.

5.Architecture. When you enter Benidorm's metropolis the first impression that would visit your innocent mind would be the modern Spanish architecture.

The skyscrapers, almost a thousand of them would easily impress you.

Gran Hotel Bali, touted as the second biggest hotel in Europe is found in Benidorm.

Its stunning look is really very impressive and amazing. Gran Hotel Bali has 52 floors.

6.Amazing Nightlife. With the glittering neon lights during night time you can be assured of your very enjoying life till the early hours.

Famous for cabaret, karaoke, fun pubs and late night discos, the weekend will soon pass as you dance the night away in one of the many bars in Benidorm.

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