Benidorm Weather September | Check the Temps!

Benidorm Weather September | Check the Temps!

Benidorm Weather September: Want to experience a light and cooler weather in Benidorm?

Then the time you must visit this gorgeous resort is during the month of September. In September

Average temperature is around 24°C, not as hot as August in Benidorm but manageable.

Highs during this time of the year are around 28°C, which is quite common here.

It however cools down to around 17°C, which is quite cool.

This would usually happen, post the sun sets.

With the heat a little intense during this phase of the year, you must again ensure that you do drink tons of water because keeping yourself hydrated is a must.

End of September in Benidorm does cool off a lot more.

The average temperature of the sea during this time is around 24°C.

You will be able to enjoy approximately 10 hours of sunlight every day practically.

Benidorm Weather September

This is why it turns out being a great time to visit the beach.

When it comes to rainy days, you will get to experience about 5 to 6 of it.

Again during September, you will also be experiencing light showers from time to time.

Make the most of your stay here by visiting the Levante Beach and several others.

Bars, clubs, cabaret are all still open and very busy.

From the Benidorm New Town right over to the Old Town there is plenty to see and do in Benidorm in September!

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