Benidorm Weather January | Check the Temps!

Benidorm Weather January | Check the Temps!

Benidorm weather January: Benidorm is a prized holiday retreat for British families, solo holidayers, and couples.

January is a great month to be in Benidorm because even though the weather is not as warm as it is in May, it is definitely not as cold as what you would experience in the UK.

Temperatures touch a daytime high of 15°C and at night, the mercury may touch 6°C.

January is the coldest month in Benidorm; however, its coastal location and the presence of hills that block colder weather from descending on the town, lead to a much milder winter as compared to other places in Western Europe.

Benidorm is around a two-hour flight from most UK airports, and is therefore a favoured getaway.

In January, you can expect around seven to eight hours of sunshine.

It’s a great time of the year to play golf, walk on the beach, visit theme parks, and go trekking.

You may want to visit Altea, it is a great little village that still retains its old-world charm and gives you a glimpse of what Benidorm must have been like, when it was still an undiscovered little hamlet.

Travel with light and heavy woolens for a January visit to Benidorm.

Benidorm Weather January

If you want to make the most of holidays then book your tickets to Benidorm early for the best deals on flights.

Enjoy some incredible, scenic beach views, relax like never before and have a thrilling night life.

What better way to spend your holidays with your loved ones?

There are some exciting Benidorm all inclusive deals to grab at the soonest.

Do not be surprised to see people of every age come in to this ultimate holiday destination.

No wonder people keep booking flights to Benidorm to spend their holiday time here.

The place is simply irresistible!

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