Benidorm Weather February | Check Temps Today!

Benidorm Weather February | Check the Temps!

Benidorm weather February: The weather begins to look up in the month of February.

The average temperature in Benidorm, Spain during the month of February is 12°C.

Daytime high is around 17°C created by highs of up to 17°C during the hottest part of the day and lows of 6°C after the sun sets.

Ten days of rains in February yield 39 mm of rainfall.

February weather is ideal for enjoying an all-inclusive Benidorm holiday with warmed indoor swimming pools at resorts where you can work up an appetite before you head to the restaurant to enjoy authentic paella or superb tasty picks from an a la carte menu.

You will have to be suitably dressed for the weather.

In the sun traps, you will not feel cold and the weather is beautiful.

Overall, you can expect the weather to be warmer than what you would experience in the United Kingdom at this time of the year.

It is a relatively quieter month that lets you enjoy the Benidorm Circus if the weather outside is cloudy, or you can head to the hills for a trek.

February also gives you an opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day with your beloved in a beautiful town.

Benidorm Weather February

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