Benidorm Weather 12 Month Outlook

Benidorm Weather 12 Month Outlook

Benidorm Weather 12 Month Outlook: Benidorm Weather, like the greatest part of the Costa Blanca it is nearly perfect throughout the year.

This is what makes the area one of the most sought out holiday spots in Spain.

One of the reasons for the great weather in this Spain hot spot is because of the fact that the city is surrounded by mountains that protect the area from the colder winds from the north.

Therefore, even the winter is a great time to visit this part of the world.

The weather in Benidorm is basically a typical Mediterranean climate.

This means basically that the area has longer hot summers and a mild winter.

As well, the spring and fall times are both warm as well.

Of course as with most vacation areas the summer is the most popular time for visitors, where the combination of hot weather and seldom rain make it the perfect beach holiday.

You’ll find the most holidaymakers enjoying the Costa Blanca in the months between May and October.

However, you wouldn’t be wrong to visit in the spring with temperatures being normally warm and having little rain.

The temperatures during this season are from around 50 to 70 degrees.

The average temperature for the summer is between 60 to 80 degrees, with August usually being the hottest of summer months, going up to over 100 degrees at times.

These temperatures go down a bit in the evening to about 65 to 80 degrees.

Since the weather is best in the summer this is when the biggest crowds come as well.

For this reason you’ll want to plan your Benidorm holiday well in advance for the summer months.

Benidorm Weather 12 Month Outlook

This includes planning your flight, reserving your hotel, and reserving your car rental as well if you fancy getting around to other parts of the Costa Blanca.

If not, you choices could be drastically lowered as well as the fact that you could end up paying more.

If you want to avoid the crowd you could still visit the area in the Fall or Winter time.

However you may want to note that October is the rainy month here, and therefore is the reason for the low crowds.

Flooding has actually been known to happen during this season even, as well as severe electrical storms in or around September.

However, even though it does rain, the temperatures during the autumn months are quite mild, with an average of 60 to 80 degrees.

The night drops a bit, down to around 50 to 65.

One thing that Benidorm is actually known for is the mild winters, when compared to much of Europe.

Therefore winter is popular in Benidorm for many holidaymakers who are looking to escape the cold.

This brings about a lot of retirees to the region.

So, you’ll find many who live in Benidorm throughout the winter and return back to their home country in the spring.

Basically, Benidorm is a great place to visit nearly throughout the year, except for maybe a small window of time in the fall months, when you get the most rain and lightning storms.

If you are planning a winter visit it is always worth checking a 7/14 forecast of the Benidorm weather just so you know what you need to pack.

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