Benidorm Turistic Bus Tour | Benidorm Sightseeing

Benidorm Turistic Bus Tour | Benidorm Sightseeing

Benidorm Turistic Bus Tour is a great way to get around and see Benidorm, not only travelling through the Old Town and New Town but around La Cala and off the beaten track where you would never dream of going.

For those who like filling their time up with things to do when on holiday the Benidorm Bus Tour is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

One question we get asked a lot in Benidorm is what is there to do for young families and the elderly.

The Benidorm Turistic Tour ticks those boxes and with a train style theme bus it won’t be hard to persuade the kids to hop aboard.

Benidorm is a massive place and the Turistic Bus Tour is the ideal way to get round and see all the sights.

For some people Benidorm is not about sightseeing but if you are here for a while or planning on making regular this is a great way to get your bearings and get to see Benidorm as a whole.

Benidorm Turistic Bus Tour

There are various stops you can catch the Benidorm Turistic Tour.

For those in the New Town the Flash Hotel is the place to be and if you are staying in the Old Town, Dove Park would be the best place to jump on.

Getting tickets is easy, you can either pick them up at the many excursion shops in and around Benidorm or directly from the driver which is the easiest way.

You don’t have to do the full trip and if you fancy a day in La Cala you can get off at the stop at the Grand Bali and grab a later return so you can spend some time in this part of Benidorm.

The tour is bumpy in some parts but in general a good ride.

You will also be provided with head sets with various languages so you know where you are and when in transit music is available.

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