Benidorm Fancy Dress Party Dates 2021 & Video!

Benidorm Fancy Dress Party Dates 2021 & Video!

Benidorm Fancy Dress Party Dates; One of the most anticipated Benidorm festivals of the year is the annual fancy dress party.

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Not just one of the biggest festivals in Benidorm but in the whole of Europe.

As we get closer to the date in November we are already planning our outfits, booking flights and hotels in Benidorm.

From the morning onwards we see the streets of Benidorm fill up in bright colours and wacky costumes, almost like seeing who can take it the furthest!

Fun, friendly and very vibrant, this is one Benidorm festival you don't want to miss.

Booking Flights and Hotels for the Benidorm Fiestas

We do advise booking early for the fancy dress party in Benidorm.

Thousands of people descend to Benidorm just for this festival and the closer the dates get, the more scarce flights and hotels in Benidorm become.

If you are looking for flights to Benidorm, hotels or even a 3 night break for the fancy dress party, we do advise getting booked early!

Benidorm Fancy Dress Party Dates

Location of the Benidorm Festival 2021

The New Town and square is the main area for the fancy dress party and the streets around are flowing with everybody here for the festival.

Even as far as the Old Town you will see holidaymakers sporting their fancy dress outfits.

Benidorm Fancy Dress Festival Dates 2021

The fancy dress party in Benidorm always takes place in November.

This years Benidorm dress party is on November 18th 2021


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Is Benidorm Fiesta 2020 Cancelled?

Unfortunately the 2020 Benidorm Festival in November is cancelled.

This is due to the ongoing pandemic and is completely out of everyone's hands.

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